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Expert denture treatment in Ballarat

Complete dentures can be conventional or immediate.

An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture inserted on the same day, immediately after natural teeth are removed. They are designed to restore the look of natural teeth and replace the space after the removal of the teeth, they can be made of acrylic or with metal and acrylic.

Dentures are press packed and heat cured have been the reliable for years. Heat curing provides maximum strength and fit. The dentures are made with quality material and designed for a secure fit for each individual. High impact or standard acrylic options are available based on individual needs and budget.

Acrylic (plastic) Partial Denture

This style of denture, denture teeth are bonded to an acrylic base. Clasps are often used to hold the denture in place.

Cast Metal Partial Denture

These dentures are constructed using precision casting techniques and can be made from chrome alloy. They are less bulky and stronger than an acrylic partial denture.

Flexible Dentures

Made with a flexible base material, their design eliminates the need for unsightly metal clips and are comfortable to wear. We only recommend flexible dentures for situations replacing one or two teeth.

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