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Denture Relines

Dentures feeling loose? Possibly it’s time for a reline.

Relines maintain your dentures fitting well & you really feeling comfortable!

Denture relines are essential roughly every 6 months to one year, relying on the person. Gradually, your jaw bone slowly changes form. A reline involves redesigning the fitting surface of the denture to boost retention to fit these adjustments. So, if your dentures are feeling uneasy or loosened, it’s most likely time to book in for a reline.

Denture relines are necessary for both partial dentures and complete dentures.

Health and wellness insurance discounts & DVA accepted

We’re DVA accepted as well as give all pensioners 10% off. As well as, if you have health insurance coverage, you might be qualified to a rebate, depending on your degree of cover.

denture relines

Exactly What are Denture Relines?

A denture reline could extend the life of your dentures and also aid you maintain convenience and your appearances. Your gum tissues have the tendency to shrink each year and your dentures can begin to feel looser as well as unsteady. This could impact your eating, your speech and also your look into time.

Davies Dental offer an expert denture reline solution or we can update your dentures for maximum convenience, improved appearance and also fit.

How much time will it require to reline my denture?

Denture relines can be done over night. We would ideally make an early morning booking for you – before 10.30 am. By leaving your denture with us overnight as well as you can gather it the following morning. Denture relines apply to complete dentures or partial dentures.

Call our friendly team today on (03) 5331 1802 to enquire about denture relines in Ballarat.

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