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Customised mouthguards in Ballarat

As athletes, you want to you protect your body with the proper equipment. If there’s any danger of contact to the face, it’s important to protect your teeth, with a superior custom sports mouthguard by Davies Dental.

A custom mouthguard offers many benefits:

5 Facts about Your Sports Mouth Guard

Chances are if you have a child in an after-school contact sport, then you are already familiar with a sports mouth guard. Our team at Davies Dental Lab are always looking for opportunities to remind both parents and children of practical ways they can protect their precious smiles.

What are custom sports mouth guards?

Mouth guards are used to protect the entire mouth from damage. Our office can provide custom mouth guards that are unique to each individual smile. It simply involves taking an impression or mold of the teeth and completing the job in our lab. Contact our denture clinic in Ballarat if you are interested in a custom mouth guard for your child. Below are a few of the reasons we highly recommend investing in a mouth guard for your active child and how they can benefit them.

How your child can benefit from a sports mouth guard
mouth guards
mouth guard

At Davies Dental, we provide mouthguards for Ballarat sportspeople of all levels and ages, with expert skill and attention given to each mouthguard ordered. For optimal protection when playing sports, come and see us at our laboratory for a custom guard created specifically for you.

Call our friendly team today on (03) 5331 1802 to enquire about customised sports mouth guards in Ballarat.

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